Multifaceted musician participates in the most “distant” musical experiences, in the crucial search for elements in common.
In Naples, at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, he graduated with full marks in Piano, Harpsichord and, later, in Composition and Instrumentation. He attended the main organ and trumpet class as an auditor for three years and was subsequently admitted to the school of orchestral conducting. From 1985 to 2009 he worked intensively as an external accompanist for the exam sessions of the Italian conservatories.
He follows master classes with Alexander Lonquich (Piano), Massimo Pradella and Giovanni Leone (chamber music), Luciano Chailly (composition), Sergio Magli (opera repertoire).
In 1992, completed at the I.S.F.O.M. studies in Music Therapy, specializes, with G. Di Franco, in the intervention of music therapy techniques for the treatment of childhood autism, dedicating himself for ten years to an intense activity as a music therapist who alternated with the activity of pianist and concert performer
In 2000 he received an honorable mention at the 1st Flores – Unesco International Symphonic Composition Competition with the symphonic sketch “The fire of Armageddon”.
From 1986 to today his activities as Pianist, Composer and Teacher alternate, chase each other and alternate with the same interest and the same passion.
He collaborates with: Teatro Comunale di Orvieto, Teatro “Verdi” in Salerno, Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, Collegium Philarmonicum in Naples, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Teatro Comunale in Orvieto, Italian Embassy in Berlin, Parliament Building in Budapest, Music Band of the Guardia di Finanza, “Martucci” Conservatory of Salerno, Rossini of Pesaro, London Symphony Orchestra, Emdemol Italia, Brunetti & Brunetti Audiovisivi Rome, U.S. Navy Chapel Naples, Beirut Palace of Culture.
Author of writings in the field of teaching methodology, music therapy and for primary schools of II degree with musical address, he has published numerous works by him, many of which recorded: “Delirium Musica” 2010 ed. Santabarbara and Rest-Auri produced by Studio & Studio in 2013. In 2022 he recorded a double CD “Re-Existences” for the Da Vinci Publishing label in the Contemporary section.